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The Teacher Trap

Whenever I tell anyone that I’m a professional puppy trainer, I tend to get the same response.

“Awwwww… that’s the best job ever!! You get to spend your whole life with cute little puppies!!!!”

And they’re right in a way – it is an amazing job and I consider myself...

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What’s wrong with treating a puppy like a baby?

Getting a new puppy is incredibly exciting and, given that they are so small, innocent and adorable, it is no wonder that so many people treat adopting a puppy in the same way they would bringing a newborn baby home. However, it is important to understand that adopting the same attitudes isn’t always the best thing, and can have negative consequences for both the puppy and the owners, if taken ...
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One to One puppy training VS group puppy training.

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in puppy training. Good for you! However, now you face the problem of deciding whether one to one puppy training or group training would be better for your puppy, or just generally understanding what you'll need. Here at Puppy Perfect, we provide all of these - which means we have no real bias either way - so we’ve formulated this short guide to help you d...
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Beware of Affiliate Marketers

Forgive me for the slightly ranty post, as this isn’t directly about puppy training, but is something I feel is very important, and though many people have never heard of affiliate marketers, they are definitely something that we should all be aware of. Affiliate marketing websites tend to hold a lot of content, but practically all of it is advertising, or disguised advertising. They make their...
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What is competitive obedience?

I’ve been involved in Competitive obedience since the late 1990’s, so for quite some time now. It’s a hobby that non-dog-people can find a little hard to understand (i.e. my husband) but personally, I’ve found it to be one of the best bonding activities me and my dogs have ever been through. The whole point is to have an obedient and controlled dog, and to test its abilities in very specific...
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Puppy status reduction – fixing puppy behaviour problems

It's not immediately obvious, but when a puppy arrives in your family, one of the decisions it needs to make, or work out, is what its position or status is within the family. It’s easy to forget, dogs are pack animals and have an instinctive natural status within that pack. Some are alpha and will consider themselves to be of high status, and...
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Golden rules of puppy training

As a professional puppy trainer, I’m often asked to try and sum up puppy training into a few golden rules or the real key lessons people need to take in to start making progress. It’s impossible really, but here are some foundation principles I teach to everyone on my group puppy courses, or at One-to-One training sessions. I hope they might help. 1)      Enjoy training. I promise you that yo...
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What is reward based training – and why does it matter?

In simple terms, reward based training sums up an approach to training (of all sorts really but we’ll focus on puppies here) where the trainer focuses on positive behaviour, and rewarding desired behaviour from their puppy. Just to make this clear from the start, the whole Puppy Perfect approach is 100% centred around reward based training – it’s how we teach and we know it works! There are a ...
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Learning to walk your puppy

There’s a vital element of puppy training that really challenges most owners, but which is so commonly overlooked during standard puppy training classes. Walking your puppy! Walking is so important. You’re going to have to w...
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how to stop puppy biting

Does your puppy bite? Don't panic - there are plenty of things you can do to help it learn to stop. Why does your puppy bite? Your puppy's mouth is its main interface with the world around it. They use their mouth like we use our hands. It will bite to play, investigate the world, get your attention and to aid teething. Not because it is hungry or necessarily aggressive. So, ...
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House training a puppy

You may have heard of house training, or toilet training, and if you're wondering what these are, don't worry - they're the same thing. Let's call it house training to keep things simple - and it means teaching your puppy where it can and can't go to the toilet. Whilst there are different approaches, house training should be reward based as this provides a stronger association, and a positiv...
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Puppy Crate Training – what’s it all about?

What is crate training, and should I do it? You may be aware of crate training, and wondering if it's right for you and your new puppy. We've put together a little info to help give you the facts and make your decision. It's not a cage A puppy's crate may feel and look a little like a cage to you. I'm sure you feel that dog's should be free, and you se...
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