Tailored and unique classes in your home that to help you get to grips with any puppy problems. Perfect for anyone who really takes their puppy’s behaviour seriously.

Every puppy is different and the unique combination of factors like your family size, your daily routines, your home and your work can all play a part in deciding how best to train your puppy.

So, to make sure you’ve got everything covered and to help you get off on the right foot, Puppy Perfect offers One to One puppy training in your own home, focused on your challenges, your needs and your goals.

One to One training is delivered in a course of 2 sessions, in your own home. With this format we can really dig into the detail, assess all of the issues you and your family are having with your puppy, and put in place a full plan to bring your puppy’s behaviour up to the standard you want.

Will one to one training help me?

  • Does your puppy choose not to listen to certain members of your family?
  • Is your puppy uncontrollable when excited?
  • Does your puppy jump up at your family or your visitors?
  • Do you struggle to get your puppy to settle or calm down?
  • Does your puppy refuse to come in from the garden?
  • Does your puppy jump on your sofa or furniture when you don’t want it to?
  • Does your puppy steal things?
  • Does your puppy beg for food?
  • Does your puppy mouth or bite?
  • Does your puppy pull on the lead?

These are all examples of the kind of domestic control problems that can be helped through one to one puppy training. Over years of handling these kind of issues, we’ve developed a whole range of tools and methods. 

At your first session, you’ll be shown how to interpret your puppy’s behaviour. By the end of it, things will make sore sense to you and you’ll be left with an action plan, ready to implement for the next 2 weeks. 

At the following session, we’ll review how it’s all gone. Normally if the plan has been implemented, the whole situation is vastly improved at this point (but if not we’ll look into why). We’ll pick up on any remaining issues, and keep an eye out for any new or compensatory bad habits, while giving you any further tips and help to make sure that you’ve got the results you want. 

At the end of every course, you should understand the cause of your puppy’s behaviours and have a clear action plan and strategy to achieve your goals for your puppy, and your family.

One to One puppy training courses consists of 2 sessions of 90 minutes, and costs £115 in total, in the Norwich area.

Get in touch here and we’ll be happy to talk things over.