Puppy parties with none of the fuss

Puppy Perfect has years of experience of running puppy parties on behalf of veterinary practices.

Puppy parties are greatly valued by new puppy owners, providing essential early years socialisation and advice. Importantly for you, they are a great tool for building loyalty and satisfaction of puppy owners towards your practice.

As you will know, puppy parties need to be run with great care, and require specialist behavioural knowledge. Sadly, a poorly run puppy party can be quite detrimental, both to the hosting practice, and the wellbeing of the puppies. For these reasons and others, very few practices manage to provide good quality puppy parties making them a valuable proposition, and a lucrative addition to your puppy packages or services.

I have 8 years experience as a registered nurse, and a BA Hons degree in Animal Behaviour, as well as having extensive experience in running successful puppy parties. You can find out more about my personal experience here. I’m now a professional dog trainer, which I’ve been involved in for the last 18 years.

I am happy to provide the puppy parties under your own brand (in your uniform etc, if needed) or under my own brand. My charges can be based on either a flat-rate fee, or on a revenue sharing basis.

What others vets have had to say:

Nikki has been running the puppy parties at our practice for nearly 2 years now. The clients love them, the numbers have grown and we see a huge benefit for puppy owners and for the company. Taverham Vets

Nikki’s puppy parties were popular with our clients and made a nice addition to the puppy package that we provide. The sessions are great fun, well organised and Nikki’s advice is always valuable and right up to date.Wymondham Vets

If you’re interested, please get in touch here and we’ll be happy to chat

Feedback from puppy owners:

When we attended Nikki’s puppy party at our local vets, we came away with a really happy puppy and a whole load of useful information. The session was great fun, safe and controlled and an all round great experience. Thank you so much!

At an age when all my little terrier wants to do is play and meet other dogs, but she still hasn’t had her vaccinations, our puppy party was a wonderful experience for us all. It’s helped give our puppy more confidence and helped us all bond and have a good time together.