puppy litter

Puppy Breeding Adventures- Meet the litter!

The last few weeks have provided us with some new challenges in the first stage of our puppy breeding adventures. For the first time, our own black Lab Lizzie became a mum, so we have been helping her to care for a litter of beautiful Labrador puppies. Looking after these puppies has proven quite a handful, even with the knowledge I have from Animal Behaviour and Psychology degree, my 8 years of experience working as a veterinary nurse, and my experience as a dog trainer at Puppy Perfect. This means my husband, Tom, has been getting stuck in and giving me a helping hand, too. I am used to caring for and working with dogs, but not quite so many young ones all at the same time!

The pups arrived overnight on 15th January and have been delightful ever since. In the excitement of the puppies’ arrival, we completely forgot to keep track of who arrived in which order, but we are happy to say that they are all very happy and healthy- and growing incredibly fast! Over the past few weeks, they have been largely reliant on their mum, but they are starting to show signs of independence now.

They are gradually starting to develop their own personalities and temperaments, but it is still difficult to tell the difference between the three golden lab pups and the six black puppies.  We haven’t named them, as such, but have given them different coloured collars to help us tell them apart, and we have been referring to them as ‘red puppy’ and ‘blue puppy’ according to the colour of their collar.

In spite of the difficulties, this first step in our puppy breeding journey has been incredibly exciting, and the pups will only be with us for about four weeks longer, so we are trying to make the make the most of the cuteness while we still can!

Stay tuned for more pupdates as we record the next few weeks of this exciting journey!