The Polite Puppy Course is a completely tailored course, consisting of 2 x 90 minute sessions. They are delivered in your home, at approximate 2 to 3 week intervals.

We believe the whole point of puppy training is about teaching your puppy to behave in your home, as an integrated, happy member of the family.

  • Does your puppy choose not to listen to certain members of your family?
  • Is your puppy uncontrollable when excited?
  • Does your puppy jump up at your family or your visitors?
  • Do you struggle to get your puppy to settle or calm down?
  • Does your puppy refuse to come in from the garden?
  • Does your puppy jump on your sofa or furniture when you don’t want it to?
  • Does your puppy steal things?
  • Does your puppy beg for food?
  • Does your puppy mouth or bite?


If you recognise these, then the answer lies in fundamental domestic discipline. These kind of problems are not easily fixed at a group class, as they centre around your relationship with your puppy and the boundaries and rules that you set, within the home.

Good domestic foundations then lead in to good behaviour outside the home. This course is very different to a group class, as it centres around modifying problematic domestic behaviour and teaching great house manners. The biggest and most important problems for any puppy, and so for any dog, are around their relationships.

The Polite Puppy course is the perfect solution for people who take their relationship with their puppy seriously. At Puppy Perfect we believe that trained puppies are happy puppies – and lead to happy families. A poorly trained puppy leads to a poorly behaved dog, which is a recipe for misery, frustration, family disputes and embarrassment. It’s a course that is centred around teaching the owner, not just the puppy. With your proper engagement and commitment, we know we can deliver massive improvements in your puppy’s behaviour and manners.

The other great thing about the course, and the nature of reforming behaviour through fundamental control exercises is that the remedies are not normally complicated. Our goal is to modify your habitual interactions with your puppy and to show you how to change your puppies responses and actions simply, kindly and in a way that lasts. This means we’ll show you small and uncomplicated tasks that you are requested to perform very regularly – at least once every day, and ideally more. Years of experience has shown that this method is hugely successful for creating lasting progress, in a way that leaves puppies and their owners more in sync.

Over the course of at least 2 individual 90 minute consultations in your home, Nikki will guide you through a completely tailored process.


Session 1:

We’ll assess you and your puppy and try to get to the heart of your problems and where they are coming from. Together, we’ll work out the key areas to work on and put together some initial basic strategies to help you make some immediate changes. At this first session we need to dig down into quite a lot of detail about who is interacting with the puppy and how you arrange your time and your life.  We’ll need to talk about how each of the family members are playing and interacting with the puppy – it’s really important that everyone involved understands the part they have to play. We’ll try to understand the REAL problems and causes of the behaviour that your puppy is demonstrating. At the end of it, we’ll leave you with a list of actions and exercises to perform, and your “puppy behaviour diary”, which will help us all to keep track.

Session 2:

Together we’ll look at how the initial changes have worked out. Often at this stage people have seen improvements in some areas and have maybe struggled a little in others. This is where we can really help to see why you’re struggling, also helping you to iron out the creases and integrate any other changes or improvements. By the end of this session, you’ll have a clear and comfortable plan for shaping your puppy’s behaviour and role within the family. In many cases, these are the only 2 sessions that are needed.

On occasion, where there has been a strong development of bad habits, a 3rd session can be required.

Of course, we don’t just vanish. Included in your price, you’ll have direct access to your trainer during the course where you can ask questions and seek further related advice.

The course fee is £100 for 2 sessions, or £150 for 3 sessions, within the Norwich area.