Our basic conditions of sale are as follows:

  • Endorsed Puppies

    The puppies are endorsed, which means that any litters bred from them can not be registered without our consent. This endorsement would need to be lifted by us, before any litters could be registered with the kennel club.

  • Puppy Training

    Just like all puppies, Labradors must be given training. This is perhaps even more important for Labradors as they are so energetic and have strong working instincts which must be channelled. Every puppy purchased is offered a free place on our puppy training course but if not using our course, we expect all owners to show a commitment to training their puppy.

  • 1 Puppy per household

    Only one puppy can be purchased per household.

  • Could I be declined a sale?

    We want all of our puppies to go to good homes with suitable family situations and conditions. We reserve the right to decline sale at our own discretion.

  • The Selection

    Selection amongst the available puppies will be on a first come first served basis.

If you would be interested in one of the puppies then please get in touch through this website, or directly to Nikki@