Socialisation is all about new experiences. Teach your puppy how to meet new puppies, new people, places and experiences. 4 week courses that get your puppy’s early learning off to the best start.

Hugely popular, and wonderfully enjoyable, a group socialisation course is a puppy’s perfect start in life. It will help shape your puppy’s confidence, and help you develop that special bond between you both. We’ll teach you a whole load of useful techniques and approaches to understand and shape your puppy’s behaviour, as well as shaping their personality and manners.

The puppy socialisation courses are run in a 4 week course. We believe that if done correctly, this is perfectly long enough to teach you all the basics and prepare you to go on training your puppy forever.

Course content varies slightly depending on the needs of the group, but rather than cram it with content, we’re focused on making sure you really get the most out of the experience.

We don’t believe that this is about teaching “tricks” or “positions”. What matters for a young puppy is that it gains confidence and starts to learn how to interact with the world and grow happily and confidently, while still respecting your basic rules.Teaching your puppy to sit, lie down and stand, to command.

The sessions are heavily game based and focused around fun and positivity. We find that puppies really love attending and that owners learn a great deal about their puppies, rather than simply teaching the puppy rules.

We will also cover early learning basics like:

  • Toilet training,
  • Teaching a puppy to respond to its name
  • Recall (getting your Puppy to come back to you)
  • Teaching your puppy not to bite you

You can sign up for a place on one of our group puppy socialisation courses by clicking here or if you have any questions, you can contact us by clicking here.

Our classes take place at the 2nd Hellesdon Scout Hut, on Middletons Lane, Norwich, NR6 5NG. You can see the exact location by clicking here. (Opens in Google Maps)